Bibase POS Software


Program Updates

Date Program / Version Update
September 2012 4POS Retail 4POS SC Free Android inventory viewer
October 2012 4POS SC Client Improved in sale search
December 2012 4POS Retail 4POS SC Buy one get one free facility
January 2013 4POS Retail 4POS SC Improved receipt logo options
February 2013 4POSRENTAL Receipt logo improvement
April 2013 4POS Retail 4POS SC Sell by facility
June 2013 4POS Retail 4POS SC Improved receipts
October 2013 4POS SC Client Maintenance update
June 2014 4POS Retail 4POS SC Improved printing
July 2014 4EPOS Windows 8 POS App Release
January 2015 4-Shop Point of sale Release
March 2015 4-Shop Free 4SWeb utility to provide live website inventory
June 2015 4-Shop Restaurant table facility
July 2015 Mandarin Chinese Flashcard apps Android Windows
August 2015 4-Shop 4EPOS Android inventory viewer POS Utility
September 2015 4-Shop How to use videos: 1 2
October 2015 4POS SC Client Restaurant table facility
February 2016 4POS SC Client Improved invoices
July 2016 4-Shop SC Release
November 2016 4-Shop, 4-Shop SC Improved backup and restore options
May 2017 4-Shop SC Client Full display version
June 2017 4-Shop SC Client Maintenance update
August 2017 Salon Manager Windows 10 app Release
November 2017 4-Shop, 4-Shop SC Improved invoices
June 2018 4-Shop SC Client Receipt font option
November 2018 4-Shop SC Client Improved interface
April 2019 4-Shop, 4-Shop SC Three for two offers
October 2019 4-Shop, 4-Shop SC Improved image options